Saturday, March 5, 2016

12 reasons to move to Sydney/Louisbourg Cape Breton

12 reasons to move to Sydney/Louisbourg Cape Breton
1: The Safest Place in the world No Hurricanes No tornadoes, No floods, no avalanches no earthquakes. We hardly ever get thunderstorms
The sea and the harbour is beautiful and always changing. There is always a new ship or a whale or something,
plus nearby is Louisbourg with the best looking lighthouse. Louisbourg is the most historic harbour in Canada. Battles here settled the course of Canada and the United States.
2: Complete range of houses and properties from $10,00 to $500,000. You can find houses that are half of what they are in Ontario especially if you want to downscale. Low property taxes that can be fixed for seniors.
3: Weather. The weather is consistantly better then weather in Southern Ontario. It is milder and has less snow in the winter and is cooler in summer. We have very few days of below zero temperatures. We might have more fog and more wind but almost all major storms and hurricanes miss us even lighting storms are rare.
4: Fresh Clean Air all the time..
5: Terrific Infrastructure. Highspeed internet and cable right at the door. Garbarge collection, Snow ploughing roads and sidewalks always clean.
6: Many Organizations and Churches, Volunteer Work galore good community Services.
7: Major hospital Fast local Ambulance service (no traffic) Volunteer Fire Department. Airport is 10 minutes away.
8: Playhouses all summer, Recreation: World Class golf course 4 major golf course less than an hour away. Unlimited Hiking, Hunting and Fishing. Swimming on clean sandy beaches. Great Hockey in Sydney.Great Baseball etc.
9: Great opportunities for Entrepreneurs Artists and Hobbyists. The tourist business is much under exploited
10: Friendly people. Low crime rate.
11:Excellent fresh soft Water right from the Tap
12: Fresh seafood, Best Lobster in the world, crab halibut etc

All of Cape Breton is good but the Cape Breton county has better weather and opportunities. As the climate changes and the world gets busier and crazier, Cape Breton is safe and civilized.Be forwarned it is better to come here with some kind of income it is poor and jobs are scarce. On the other hand it has all the basics and is very much under developed, it just needs people and investment. It is a great place to retire it is easy to downsize and many great opportunities for seniors in a safer friendlier place. And is only a short swim to Newfoundland:)

Friday, October 19, 2012

I am looking for partners and/or ideas to develop this web site
I also have www.sydneycapebreton.ca

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